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Hydra Radiance Moisturizer
Hydra Radiance Moisturizer

Hydra Radiance Moisturizer

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Target a brighter, smoother and even looking complexion with a concentrated blend of botanical brighteners, Vitamin C and gentle smoothing agents. Lightweight hydration and subtle illumination help promote and restore your skin’s natural radiance.

Key Ingredients

Microalgae, Bearberry and Pine Extract - Non-Hydroquinone, botanically-based brighteners.

Vitamin C and Snow Algae - Reinforces and repairs skin’s strength.

Exfolactive® - Derived from Nopal Cactus. Gently stimulates skin’s own exfoliation process.


Apply to skin after cleansing and toning. Layer over one of Glo Skin Beauty’s brightening serums for additional treatment benefits

Did you know?

Most often hyperpigmentation has taken years to develop under the surface of our skin before it becomes visible. Begin a brightening regimen with realistic expectations and give your products a chance to show their results—it usually takes 60–90 days to see a noticeable difference. Hydra Radiance Moisturizer includes an instant illumination effect with the help of two natural minerals, Titanium Dioxide and Mica, for a radiant glow and luminosity from your very first application.

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